Booksellers: Dorothy books are distributed to the trade by New York Review Books through Penguin Random House. Bookseller ordering information is available on the PRH website.

Individuals: We’ve been hand-shipping website sales for the past thirteen years, straight from our basement to USPS to you, but we just can’t keep up with the volume anymore (thank you, dearest readers!). The good news is you can order directly from our distributor, NYRBooks.

Having said that, because promoting Dorothy’s books as a conversation, a project, is still central to our mission, we plan to keep our all-time best-selling sale for “Any Six Dorothy Books” on our website. You can access this sale through any book page on this website.

We no longer offer any international shipping on sales through this website. Any orders outside the U.S. should be made through Penguin Random House or NYRBooks (see above).

Thank you for your interest in our books!

If you’re having trouble ordering, please contact us:
orderdorothybooks@gmail [dot] com